Electronic access control can provide one of the most efficient and cost effective means of securing your building and property.

Access control systems manage the follow of people in, around and out of building they have three primary functions,

  • prevent unauthorised persons from gaining entry,
  • control where individuals can gain access through a building
  • monitor the locations of individual within a building.

Mrala systems provide leading edge access control systems using the latest advanced security technologies.

We can provide a full design and installation of a suitable system to meet your requirements from a basic single door with a few users through to a multi site system with thousands of cards holders.
We offer systems that are flexible enough to cater for all your needs being fully programmable and configurable sothe system can be extended and altered as your business grows.

image16One of the most attractive features for management is that should a card or fob be lost, a fob can simply be deleted from the system and a new one issued. The lost fob can no longer gain access.
When ordinary keys are lost, all of the locks need to be replaced to maintain security, this cost and loss of the building integrity is no longer a problem with an access control system.

We can cater for a single office environment requiring just basic access identification to advanced fully networked systems even across multiple sites.
We can supply install and maintain all popular makes of door entry and access control systems. We are approved suppliers maintainer and installers for Janus Access control from governor technologies and Paxton access.
BPT, Videx Paxton, Pac, Fermax, Bell Systems,Comlit, CDVI,Farfisa,Elvox